COVID-19: BC Instruments India Pvt. Ltd. has taken the utmost care by adhering to all safety standards to control the spread of COVID-19. BCI has been and will continue to practice social distancing and wearing safety gear like Masks, Gloves, protective eyewear and so on to ensure safety of fellow team workers and our customers. We believe that together we can defeat the spread of coronavirus by being responsible citizens who are dedicated to taking every safety precaution necessary.

Your one stop shop for machining solutions

Stainless Steel, High-temp Alloy, Aluminum Engineering, Plastics. Our Srength: High Mix - Low Volume.
Machined parts installed with Hardware, connectors, and joining of parts through Laser welding and Brazing.
Surface Treatment
NDT, Anodizing, Passivation, Chem Conversion, etc. Environmental protection, Effluent Treatment Plant installed.
Value addition
3D printing of ABS and PP Plastic, Prototyping and DFM. We undertake 1 piece machining jobs also.
Our strengths
  • Best in class equipment and facility.
  • Excellent Performance and Quality track record of over 15 years.
  • Well trained and experienced employees.
  • Raw material inventory.
  • Global sales and perspective.
  • Our customers are leaders in their respective industries such as Aerospace, Medical Devices and Life sciences, Injection moulding, and Defense.

Our Products

BC Instruments India have been serving customers in the Aerospace, Medical, Defence, Plastic Injection Molding and Commercial & Industrial sectors since 2004.


Our VISION at BC Instruments India is to be recognised as the supplier of choice for precision machining solutions by our selected customers and as the employer of choice for those who embrace a culture of lifelong learning and relentless drive to improve.


Our MISSION at BC Instruments India is to create productive and lasting relationships based on mutual trust and respect among ourselves, our customers suppliers, shareholders and surrounding communities.


Our STRATEGY at BC Instruments India is to utilise the process of continuous improvements through learning in our daily activities to create positive changes within all levels of our organisation.